Russian Idioms: free online book.

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A book of Rusian idioms, free, oline, with pictures

All tutorials say us that Russian language is highly idiomatic. This is why I would like to tell you about a book where you could find lots of russian idioms with pictures, phonetics and English equivalents.

By the way, take a look at this girl. Maybe she has wind in the head (ветер в голове). That means that she is too playful. Maybe it is smoke from her ears (дым из ушей). Right now, she is out of her mind. Too much work… :)

This book names “A BOOK OF RUSSIAN IDIOMS ILLUSTRATED” (Moscow, 1987). Its author is M. I. Dubrovin, he is a wonderful scientist. Idioms look like this.


[vyyti sukhim iz vody]

To come out of the water dry.

To escape deserved punishment; to come out with one’s reputation unblemished.

Cf. To come out unscathed; to get off scot-free.

If your Internet is slowly, then you need for some time. That is a little bit heavy file (maybe, because of the pictures). So, be careful.

In general, if you are familiar with basic Russian grammar rules, and your vocabulary is close to be pre-intermediate, then this book will be helpful for you.

Copyright (C) Издательство «Русский язык», 1977, 1980, с изменениями.

Художник В.И.Тильман.

Подготовка электронного издания: Александр Юринсон (

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