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Hello! This post is not only for the mighty veterans of phonetic battles who conquered words such as щёлочь / alkali, шишкосушилка / a machine for drying spruce and pine cones, and брюзжать / grunt. It is more for beginners who are still struggling with [ы], [щ], [ш], [р], [л]… I can imagine how you feel about these sweet sounds. I feel the same with Serbian [ћ] and English [th]. So, many thanks to those who helped me to say, “However, the weather…”, and “Човек је ћелав”. :) Now, it is  my turn to share with you some websites with rules and examples of Russian pronunciation.

Russian pronunciation for beginners

This is a just an interactive textbook, where you can find general info about sounds in Russian language and an introductory phonetics course. It helps you to understan articulation details.

Description of Russian sounds articulation

I also found an interesting way to read Russian texts. Here you can see that consonants [с], [л], [м], [р], [д], [т], [к] become soft, if vowels [и] [е] [я] and Ь (a soft sighn) are placed next to them.

Russian pronunciation for beginners, learn russian online free

Russian pronunciation: dictionary

Forvo is the largest dictionary of pronunciation and social network at the same time. Lots of words are pronounced by Russian native speakers. You can download examples as mp3 files. Also, you can take them to your personal Forvo account and work with your set in the Internet. It is no need to speak about this great website too much. Just take a look – and you will love it.

Princeton Russian Course

The Princeton Russian Course was created by David Freedel. It provides a huge amount of Russian learning material as .mp3 audio files and .pdf documents. You will find there not only some basic rules and common examples of Russian pronunciation, but info about grammar, syntax, etc. You can download it for free, just write to the author [david.freedel AT]. He asks to say him:

  • that you refer to the Princeton Russian Course
  • where you live
  • what you do for a living

I think, this is the great opportunitiy to learn Russian language online and free.

Rusian Tutorial

Russian Tutorial was written by Stephen VanZuylen. This is a personal experience of foreign student who learned Russian language. I suppose, each student faces with such problems as “Find a difference between [ш] and [щ], Ъ and Ь” and other things like that. So, he is on other side of the river. :) His tips are simple and clear. I seriously recommend this website.

Russian pronunciation: special words

This is a hybrid of audio dictionary and radio show “Русский устный” / “Spoken Russian” by Julia Safonova. She is an associated professor, with a PhD. She is also a member on the editorial board of, the most popular Russian website regarding Russian language. This variant is really useful if your Russian is close to be Intermediate level.

Russian pronunciation | conversational russian

I have to admit, this is a pretty smart idea to make a semantic chain of some special words. For example, Татьянин день is the Russian Student Day (25 of January). Tatiana Day (Tatyanin den’ ) was named after Saint Tatiana, a Christian martyr in 3rd century Rome. is the website of the St. Tatiana’s Chapel at the Moscow State University. Альма-матер (synonim of university) is the loan Latin word. You can окончить университет / graduate from the university, and закончить читать / to finish reading. Julia Safonova explains the difference between two verbs. Same root + different prefixes => different usage.

Once again, it will be useful, if you are chasing the higher educated style of Russian speech; if you would like to be familiar with the special vocabulary of gangsters and literary critics… (Honestly speaking, I sometimes do not see a big difference between them.) Anyway, this is at the advanced level.

However, the weather this videio is dedicated to the all beginners. I like this explanation and hope that you will like it too.

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    Привет, Джоди :)
    Да, я специально выбрала такую capcha – to all people. :)

    I know, these sounds are pretty difficult. But I am sure – you will conquer them! :-)

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    Математика время вновь :)
    три x три = десять

    Это хорошо урок для мне сейчас. Мы изучаем букву “л” сегодня, и наша бедная учительница нужно слушал к нас скажут “л” и “ль” плохо сто раз, слушаем она повторит и еще не скажут правильно. Также, проблема с буквах “б” и “бь”. Так я буду вижу за упражнение это неделя. Спасибо :)

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      Нет нет нет! Нет, это не. Три x три = девять… Ну, это хорошо что сайт не спрашивает номер быть писал по-русски…

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