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Simple Russian poems for kids

31 Июль 2012 Автор: Категория: Russian

Simple Russian poems for kids with stress marks

I promised to post a few easy Russian poems for kids. Here are 10 examples with stress marks and audio I’ve recorded. (I am not a professional actor but I do my best.) Also I would like to point out some Soviet and modern Russian poets. This will help you with excavations  and digging into the depths the our Russian Internet.

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Russian cartoons with English subtitles

24 Январь 2012 Автор: Категория: Russian

from xenopus@livejournal.com

While we, Russian native speakers, are enjoying the video lessons of the polyglot Dmitry Petrov, I searched for cartoons with English subtitles. Here is some examples of Soviet and modern Russian animation from Youtube.

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Where to find Russian poems for beginners?

15 Январь 2012 Автор: Категория: Russian

by natstory.livejournal.com

Somebody asked me to find easy poems to learn Russian language. So, I’ll be writing about children’s authors from time to time. I mean those  authors whose poems are very easy to read. This is why I am happy to introduce to you a Soviet ballerina, who wanted to dance in the Bolshoi Theatre and write poems about revolution and love, but…

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Russian pronunciation: 5 useful websites

5 Январь 2012 Автор: Категория: Russian

Nadia Strelkina from strelkina.com

Hello! This post is not only for the mighty veterans of phonetic battles who conquered words such as щёлочь / alkali, шишкосушилка / a machine for drying spruce and pine cones, and брюзжать / grunt. It is more for beginners who are still struggling with [ы], [щ], [ш], [р], [л]… I can imagine how you feel about these sweet sounds. I feel the same with Serbian [ћ] and English [th]. So, many thanks to those who helped me to say, “However, the weather…”, and “Човек је ћелав”. :) Now, it is  my turn to share with you some websites with rules and examples of Russian pronunciation.

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Where to Find Simple Russian Texts?

28 Декабрь 2011 Автор: Категория: Russian


I would like to share with you a website where you will find simple Russian texts / простые русские тексты. They were written by Ilya Frank’s reading method / по методу чтения Ильи Франка. I found stories which are good for beginners /для начинающих. You can download them for free / скачать их бесплатно.

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Where To Find All Russian Grammar Forms?

28 Ноябрь 2011 Автор: Категория: Russian

 Russian National Corpus, Национальный корпус русского языка, the National Corpus of the Russian language, semantical, morphological and orthographic description, Russian grammar, Russian diminutive, Russian nouns

Each Russian grammar textbook reminds me of a ZOO, where furious beasts sit in their cages / grammar tables are like tamed rabbits. However, each language is a wild forest. This is why, I’d like to share with you one interesting and serious website. According to these metaphors, I could call it a lexical guidebook with a grammar GPS.

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How do hiccups help us to understand Russian punctuation?

6 Ноябрь 2011 Автор: Категория: Russian

russian folklore stories, russian folk, russian customs, russian traditions, russian culture traditions, russian old believers, starovery

How do you get rid of hiccups? Do you gulp down a glass of water? Maybe you prefer to eat something, don’t you? I know of a hiccupping girl who was a secretary. She asked her colleagues to scare her or to make her laugh, thought it would help stop her diaphragm from jerking. Well, while she was drinking a glass of water, the accountants were tickling her. Managers were showing off a “Dance of the Little Swans”, when her boss walked into the office nervously… That was the day when his giggling, hiccupping secretary has became a stutterer. I don’t wish you to be in a situation as such. So, I’d like to explore a very simple folk spell to get rid of hiccups.

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Some nouns of common gender for you.

24 Октябрь 2011 Автор: Категория: Russian

I always wondered how people detect the gender of food or household goods? Who decided that pumpkins (тыквы) are girls (девочки), but tomatoes (томаты) are boys (мальчики)?  Well, speaking about grammatical gender, you can see the logic… and lots of exceptions. This is why I decided to pay attention to the most clearest moment of the world gender conspiracy. I mean a group of Russian words called nouns of common gender.

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Some modern language denizens for your vocabulary.

18 Октябрь 2011 Автор: Категория: Russian

Have you found some Russian words you could not lookup in dictionaries? Well, it happens all the time. Russian language is very rich and flexible. Time to time, words forming becomes a kind of national sport here. The recipe of neologisms is really simple. Take a couple of sweet, innocent words, and stitch them together. Glue some prefixes and suffixes to them here and there – and you will have a semantic monster which refers to 3 scandals, 2 anecdotes and 1 secret story. Just kidding though… :) Speaking honestly, it’s much easier to create these monsters than to explain their meaning to foreigners. This is why we look at the process of forming new Russian speech tokens on the basis of existing English words.

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How do hares and elephants help us to understand Russian grammar?

10 Октябрь 2011 Автор: Категория: Russian

It seems, a lot of people abroad cannot see the Russian video from Youtube due to copyright issues. So, I have decided not to post the modern video here. It will be more useful to play Linguistic CSI and dissect an elephant and hare  poem for children. I hope it will help you to learn 5-7 lovely Russian words and pay attention to the grammar cases, prepositions and diminutive forms of some nouns and adverbs.

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